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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

5 Minutes Pizza Sauce Recipe

   5 Minutes Pizza Sauce Recipe

A good pizza sauce recipe is essential for an excellent homemade pizza. Try out this 5 minutes pizza sauce to enhance the taste of your homemade pizza.

Ingredients of 5 Minutes Pizza Sauce

4 Tomatoes

3 cloves Garlic

2 tsp Garlic powder

2 tsp Oregano

1 tsp Pizza seasoning

1-2 tsp Sugar

Salt to taste

1 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil

How to Make 5 Minutes Pizza Sauce

1.Blanche the tomatoes.

2.Deskin and de-seed them.

3.Chop them into small pieces and drain the excess water.

4.Chop the garlic cloves.

5.Now, put everything in a blender (except oil) and blend until a smooth paste.

6.Transfer it to a bowl, add the olive oil and mix.

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