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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Most People Have No Idea There’s An Underwater Ghost House Hiding In Connecticut

    Most People Have No Idea There’s An Underwater Ghost House Hiding In Connecticut



As far as ghost stories go, it’s pretty unusual to hear them described as whimsical. But for Gardner Lake in Connecticut, the legend that haunts these water is exactly that! This story will leave you smiling, confused and maybe just a little bit creeped out. But this is something even the biggest of scaredy cats can conquer. Check it out:

A local family decided they loved living beside the lake, but they'd love it even more from the other side. So they hatched a plan to move their house across the scenic Gardner Lake in the winter, once it had frozen over. The house was placed over wooden slabs so that it could be slid across the ice, but it was a two day trip. When the family returned the morning of day two to complete the move, the ice had broken.

The house sinking into the lake became an iconic Connecticut story.

Luckily, the family was able to retrieve most of their possessions, but heavier items had to be left behind and the house could not be saved. Over the years, scuba divers report that parts of the house and those heavier possessions are still intact.

That includes a large upright piano.

 Visitors have reported hearing piano music from every direction. Likely because legend has it the music is coming from underneath the water itself. But nobody knows who's playing it. Maybe someone was lost in the move, or a wayward spirit was attracted to the furnishings. Either way, it's a little creepy.

But the lake is actually quite scenic and attracts a lot of fishermen. Check out this awesome aerial footage to see the lake’s beauty up close:

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