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Monday, July 25, 2022

Healthy Fasting Tips for Savon Take care of these 3 things after the fast of Sawan.

 Healthy Fasting Tips for Savon Take care of these 3 things after the fast of Sawan.


It is the month of Sawan. all round the month we fast on one or the other day. Monday is an important day due to religious  credence . On this day we not only  detect fast but also plan visits of religious and cultural importance. Some women stay on only liquid food all day. In such a state, our calories burn more and our energy is also spent more. So after breaking the fast or the next day you should take care of some things to  obtain back the lost energy. Here we are going to tell about these tips.

Mother says that after fasting one should not only take light food but also take food like pulses, soybeans. should be  died in the diet, Helps restore lost body strength.

What to eat after  often ?

Often after fasting we eat a lot of fried things. Such food affects our digestive system. On the other hand, if we eat digestible and light food, not only our stomach will be healthy but we will also  obtain full energy. We should pay special  observation to three things while breaking the fast.

Drink water and fluids.

When we fast, our stomach is  vacant for hours. If we  instantly start  eat up large amounts of food after being on an  vacant stomach for a long time, it can cause vomiting or nausea.

Mother says that it is better to drink 1 glass of lukewarm water or 1 glass of lemon water in the morning on the second day of fasting. Due to this there is no  chance of digestive  issue.

Apart from water, coconut water or any fruit juice can also be taken. Not only does it keep your digestive system healthy, but you will also feel energized. The lack of salt in the body can be  recoup with coconut water.

Eat protein-rich foods.

After fasting, we eat protein-rich pulses, but in an unhealthy form. Often we eat masala dal, fried pakoras with dal, dal kachori etc. It does  torment instead of  advantages.

Due to this, not only  surplus fat goes into the body, but also puts a lot of pressure on the digestive system. For breakfast, mung dal chilla, sprouts, pan-roasted cheese cubes, ginger garlic and soy chunks cooked in yogurt are more beneficial than eating them.

If you have traveled a long distance while fasting, eating it will not only relieve fatigue but also restore lost strength.

3 A light and digestible diet is most important.

Mother says that whether the fast is for one day or  many days, always eat a light meal after breaking the fast. The most digestible and light food is moong dal khichdi. To retain flavor and nutrition

Sprouts, green vegetables, onions, tomatoes, etc. can also be added to khichdi. Apart from these, bread made from flour of ragi, corn, barley, semolina, black gram etc. or upama made from their flour can also be tasted.


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