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Thursday, June 9, 2022



Outline of activities from 1st to 5th year Some activities that can be organized under Balmela - Some activities that can be organized under Kaa standard Balmela.  Paperwork, children's games, one minute, puzzles, comedy court, song-music-acting, puppet show, math joke, best from the West, simple science experiments, costumes etc. 2, Pravutti Stall Std.

Activities to be done in the stall are pottery, samples of BEST from the West, chandeliers from the empty box, wallpiece rangoli work, samples from corn-millet, collage work, marble print scissors, paperwork, printing, cap making, garland making, educational making  Writing, Adding Dots, One Minute Show, Pencil Shade, Coloring Mathematical Jokes, Child Acting Song, Magic, Children's Game, Color Proof in Pictures Guide Teachers 2

Dressed in a green sheet, crowned with thin sun rays, playing with the beautiful springs of nature and marine friendliness, the game is a beauty of nature with Valsad district in mind.  A glimpse of culture is a glimpse ..... but, the first step in drawing the story of happiness and development of another form of nature 'child' on the path of progress is Balmelo.  The word 'Balmelo' has become synonymous with enjoyable and natural education for the primary school children in the streets of Gujarat today.  |  As important as the physical and mental development of a child is, the development of his life is of great importance. Life skills are an excellent tool for the development of life development.  Skills education is a lifelong learning of the skills needed to move forward in life to build a successful, happy, peaceful, and healthy life and to be constantly evolving ... Life skills are the skills that the child has  To capture the positivity and skillfully fulfill the necessities of daily life.



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"Har ruh se nikalti hai hawa apne paigam laker mein adab karta hu, ijjat karta hu, yahan maujud har chahere ko apne lakh salam dekar"  The man who used to travel in bullock carts in ancient times is now flying in the air.  Even though the man with the black head has made so much progress, today he has to become a refugee in schools to become a man.  By coordinating various activities, we are presenting a compilation of wonderful activities that will fill the lives of children with happiness, prioritizing the idea of   GCRT as well as life skills.  We all feel happy.  That's what makes me want to write.  "Not to mention the wounds of life, we have come to write the words of the mind. Everyone must have seen, even on the night of Amas, we have come to talk about the children's fair like the moon of Poonam


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We are all thrilled to present a collection of wonderful activities that fill children's lives with joy.  That's what makes me want to write.  * Not to mention the wounds of life, we have come to write the words of the mind.  Everyone must have seen that even on the night of Amas, we have brought the story of a child fair like moon in Poon.  The children themselves are a novel creation of nature and at the same time they are full of creativity and energy.  All that is needed is to direct their creative power in the right direction and to give a free ground to their tantalizing energy.  With the objective of which the Government of Gujarat brings new programs for children.  As a part of which children's fair is also organized at school level.  In which children can bring out their dormancy.  The day when the child can enjoy other activities besides education.

E .. Kavyagan Varnavar (Std. 1 to 8) to present a period.  Involve more than one child for poetry.  Closing: Concluding the children's activity fair with a shik and encouraging the children participating in the Najna program.  Painting in Activity - Coloring: To color the picture.  One minute activity.  Buttoning, needle stringing, making lamps, making 2 paper strips, printing - paper shading different things, such as potato prints, making various toys out of paper, such as boats, airplanes, taps, cameras etc ...  Create colorful satara, colored chandla designs with the help of children's favicol on the printed pictures.  Designing a piece of bracelet.  Designing Divasali ropes.  Making a leaf book.  Kobrazkam: King curry of colored paper, to create geometric shapes.  Design by engraving colored paper.  Video film: showing Meena's film, nursery rhymes and acting songs, video film of poems and other educational CDs.  .  1.  .  To learn Vyana Raag, Dhal using CD of audio video of poetry.  Footprint List Blank Paper, Rubber, Sancho, Pencil, Sketchpen, Scale, Mishiva Kal2, Coloring Pictures.  Buttons, needle-thread, Rs, paper, blank paper, stamp pads, bhida, onions, potatoes, leaves, bills, school supplies such as colored paper, cutters or scissors, citations, cardboard and other complementary materials.  Pictures, colored tikis, colored sara, colored chandla, favicol, chandelier strings, peanut foam, bracelet pieces and various perfumes.  Colored papers, favicol, scissors, blank paper, glue, tank, scale, pencil.  Meena's film, ballads and acting songs, video film of poems and other educational CD for children's activity fair .... 2nd section tool.

Ujasbhani Aheval

26 January Vali Samelan File




- Suvinay Jay Japati Co stating that in the current year 2022-23, child fair and life skill fair are being organized in all the Sukari primary schools of the state.  So that the children get knowledge with various fun activities and entertainment.  Children develop a sense of cooperation, leadership, a sense of humor, adventure, and so on.  


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As well as Life Skill Fair Drishya acquires various skills to meet the challenges of daily life positively and to meet the needs of daily life skillfully.  One day children's fair and life skill fair will be organized.  Today in the prayer meeting about the children's fair, Acharya D.A.R.

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