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Wednesday, May 18, 2022



It is said that Sutevo, trained in childhood, develops the personality of the middle class in an excellent way, which is why it is necessary to work towards education at the primary school level as well as development of excellent qualities in the child.  Children's Parliament is a children's parliament run by and for children in which the child actively participates in the formulation of school and classroom policies as well as participates in school management, development, improvement and decision making.  The future of children is shaped in primary schools.  Also, children have higher learning speeds than adults.  He immediately assimilates these behavioral habits.  Schools provide an opportunity for children to be disciplined as well as to indirectly involve parents and the community.  There are also effective role models for girls.  They teach other children as well as siblings whatever new good behavior they learn in school.  Not only that, in the future, when he becomes a parent, he is also likely to teach his children.  'Children's parliaments are formed in a democratic manner.  In which all the students and teachers of the school are selected through the selection process of the General Secretary, Minister of Education, Minister of Health, Minister of Water, Minister of Sanitation and Minister of Sports etc.  The school is an important start in terms of education, health and personal development of active and 'Baalsansad' students.  Which creates an environment for children to learn.  Leadership, the ability to make timely decisions of collective spirit as well as the qualities like autonomy are being inculcated in the children as well as helping them to understand the subject like 'Politics'.  Thus, Gues in childcare education as well as in shaping life



The industry's 'force' is for children, for children and for children.  Balsant is actually a Shivalposhak activity, the implementation of which brings about a drastic change in the behavior of children.  Let's summarize the main objectives of Balsa.  A 1. Development of wholesale values: Our country is a country with a saddle system of governance, the child of Baj is the citizen of tomorrow.  It is a privilege for children to understand and assimilate royal values   during their study.  The ‘political development’ force in the school as well as the black activity can indirectly help in realizing the value of blood.  .  The development of leadership kurta: In Berkasha, time is of the essence, feet, one has to carry the responsibility of making one's own group different from others, the leadership qualities are instinctively developed.



Problem analysis and decision making is the only way to bring human beings into their social life and make them the tools of innovation.  Ti, a sagwan majine ano at the right time vavia solution sodhano y y.  In this world, decision is also a drag.  The art of mid-kanth is the mother of proper ritual by analyzing the time in it from childhood.  In the future, B is assumed to be between the first and the one who carries the responsibility of the bamboo on the small and big treatments, at the same time, the decision is also being made.  Self-discipline and self-sufficiency: Moon does not create water without Abhaga.  Self-discipline is nurtured in a child who is literally a child.  At the same time it is directly on the swayamvarla water sam.  .  Sureno's social disbelief has changed.  Has come to sleep.  Pak learns fast of P.  At the same time, he is a Sikh to the coke curry he has taken.  Moreover, his learning style is also invincible and therefore effective, Cham, often good ideas are always conveyed through children.  .  The development of creativity is one of the creators of the human Karim Trek.  The idea is that it is a port day of creation of knowledge from anu, vichar, kadi of the house.  Also, when the child's creativity is mixed, the development of the child's radiance is similar to that of the children.







To appoint one teacher as an assistant with each minister, if the number of teachers is not sufficient then one teacher can be assigned responsibility for two or three departments.  The Minister of each department will select the candidate who has received less votes in the election as Deputy Minister. If there is no candidate left, then the Deputy Minister can be selected from other students.  > After the selection of the Deputy Minister, each Minister should select the team keeping in view his own account.  The selection of the team should cover all the students of the school.  In which the representation of boys and girls, young / old and children with special needs should be the same.  Number of schools for formation of team: To form a team keeping in view the number of teams.  The detachment is rotated every 10 days according to the account.  So that all the students of the school can be involved in the work of all the departments.  Attempts have been made here to give form only for guidance.  The school can make necessary changes in its own way.  But yes ..... in this the purpose of the children's parliament must be fulfilled.  The following accounts can be created in primary and upper primary schools.  Considering the number of school staff and the number of girls and the need of the school, I can also be made to be vega. 

Ujasbhani Aheval

26 January Vali Samelan File




During and after the formation of the Children's Parliament, you may be asked some questions.  These questions may be as follows. The quiz given here will be useful.  1.  How many years will the term of Bal Parliament be?  The term of the Children's Parliament will be one year.  In the new academic session, the child cabinet will have to be formed again.  .  Can storytelling students be made general ministers?  If there is no 9th standard school, students of Std. 6 and 7 can be made ministers.  .  Can I be a minister a year ago?  Yes.  The minister can be replaced a year ago.  If a Minister from the Cabinet leaves school or voluntarily resigns, he will be replaced by a Deputy Minister.  The candidate who got less votes in the election can be selected as the Deputy Minister.  If there is no B from the election candidate, the Deputy Minister can be selected from these students.  The decision in this regard will have to be taken jointly by the Minister, the Cabinet and the school staff.  In addition, each minister will present his / her work with all the students, teachers and SMC members of the school in the quarterly meeting of the cabinet.  The ministerial post of the minister whose performance is not correct is subject to right to ruci research and is replaced by Deputy Minister and 2.  Can the General Secretary be changed a year ago? If he resigns from the post of Minister, such voluntary resignation may result in election of members of your Cabinet from PG Mandis to the post of General Secretary or the Cabinet and school staff may jointly sponsor the Minister.  .  How to choose General Secretary and Minister?  - After completion of Tatari, from the winning candidates, Bahamasi will be selected jointly by Bachao, Tal, Elected candidates and AMT members.

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