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Saturday, April 16, 2022

Shala Upayogi Files


Education is an  crucial part of our lives. We are nothing without knowledge, and education is what  detach us from others. The main step to acquiring education is enrolling oneself in a school. School serves as the first learning place for most of the people. Similarly, it is the first spark in  collect an education. In this essay on my school, I will tell you why I love my school and what my school has  up skill me. We have all been to school and we have loved each and every moment we have spent over there as those were the building blocks of our lives. A school is a place where students are  up skill the fundamentals of life, as well as how to grow and survive in life. It instils in us  merit and principles that serve as the foundation for a child's   declaration . My school is my second home where I spend most of my time. Above all, it gives me a platform to do better in life and also builds my personality. I feel blessed to study in one of the most prestigious and  respect schools in the city. In addition, my

Ujasbhani Aheval

Kitchen Garden

15 August 2022-23

Shala JanmDin Aheval


26 January Vali Samelan File


From kindergarten through primary and secondary school, and subsequently, to faculty, school is a place where we always study, grow, and establish ourselves. socialize, be a friend, help others, and love and be loved. School is a buddy that will accompany us from the beginning of our youth till the  finish of our lives. At school, we share all of our pleasures and  affliction , and we constantly rely on one another. This is made possible through the friendships we share.


They assist us in  easy  conque strain , sharing  short time of enjoyment together, and looking  ahead to new paths. My school strikes the perfect balance between modern education and vintage planing . The vintage buildings of my school never fail to  arrest me with their  shine beauty. 

Prarthana, Suvichar, Ukhana

 thought , their vintage architecture does not mean it is outdated, as it is well-equipped with all the contemporary gadgets. I see my school as a lighthouse of education bestowing knowledge as well as ethical conduct upon us. Teachers have the power to make or break a school. The teaching staff is regarded as

Swachhata Pakavada FILE

their glorious beauty. However, their vintage architecture does not mean it is outdated, as it is well-equipped with all the contemporary gadgets. I see my school as a lighthouse of education bestowing knowledge as well as ethical conduct upon us. 

Apatti Ane Vyvasthapan FILE

Aekam Kasoti ni Punh Kasotio

Teachers have the power to make or break a school. The teaching staff is regarded as the foundation of any educational society. It is their efforts to help kids learn and understand things that instil good habits and values in their students. While some concepts are simple to grasp, others necessitate the use of a skilled teacher to drive the home the idea with each pupil. In.  difference to other schools, my school does not solely focus on academic production .

Yuth And ICO Club FILE

In other words. it point up on the overall development of their students. Along with our academics, extra- academic activities are also organized at our school. This is one of the main reasons why I love my school as it does not measure everyone on the same scale. Our hardworking staff gives time to each child to grow at their own pace which instils confidence in them. My school has all the facilities of a library, computer room, playground, basketball court and more, to ensure we have it all at our disposal.

Pustak Isyu Rajister FILE

an argument or  easy complete your privet tasks. When you open your ml to new ideas, you gain a lot of influence in society. Picking up unexpected hobbies on your own will teach you more about what you like to do than  easy completing things for a grade. A school is a place where I developed my artistic  ability which were further enhanced by my teachers.  after words , it led me to participate in inter-school completions through which I earned  many awards.

Patrak A

Most importantly, my school taught me how to face failures with grace and never give up on my  gloal , no matter what happens. Schools also offer a variety of extracurricular activities such as Scouts and Guides, sports, N.C.C., skating. school band. acting. dancing, singing. and so on.


Our principal also used to give us a short lecture every day for about 10 minutes about  protocol, character  revolution , moral education, respecting others, and gaining excellent values. As a result, I can claim that what I am today is solely due to my school, which is the best institution in my opinion.

peu Ime a 1ot personally. I will always be  appreciate to my school for shaping my  character and teaching me  crucial lessons. It has given me friends for life and teachers that I will always look up to. I aspire to carry on the values imbibed by my school to do well in life and make it proud. Here is the list of Top Schools in India! Does Your School Tops the List? FAQS on School Q.1 Why must every child go to school? A.1 It is essential for every child to go to school as the school teaches us lessons that cannot be acquired anywhere else. The experience is one a kind and along with education, we learn many other things like socializing, extra-curricular activities and more. Q.2 What does school teach us?

The school are the doors of education that leads to the success. They help training, guiding and preparing the young bright mind for future. The best school always create the best students. My school is also one of the greatest and reputable school of my area. I study at New Dawn Public School. My school is one of the oldest schools of my area. It has a very good and successful history in education. My school is very near to my home. I often to my school on foot but sometimes my father drops me at school while going to his office. My school has a beautiful building with wide open playground and a beautiful garden. I reach at my school on time. After taking part in assembly, all the students go into their classrooms. I study in class 2nd. My teacher is very  child and lovely. He teaches us with care and love. My class-fellows are very careful. They all help each other in studies. My school follows the discipline strictly. Various seminars and events are held in our schools. Students are encouraged to take part in all those events. There is a big auditorium hall in the mid of our school, built for that purpose only. Various programs like quiz competitions, speeches, tabloids, debates, etc are held. Apart from that,

Pragna Useful All


NMMS Exam USeful

opment of student All the students are treated very kindly. In fact, we all feel this school as we second home. Students of various Lhe over backgrounds and different ages study here with great mutual cooperation and care. My school is one of the best schools in terms of educating and training the students with good manners.




The schools have really a great role in creating a well behaving and law abiding citizens for country. School are the rea training grounds for a nations. I am greatly proud of my school. I am thankful to my parents who chose this finest place for me to study. 5. My School Essay (1000 Words) This essay on my school contains 1000 words and more sentences. It is descriptive and detailed my school essay for high school and college level students. The essay contains quotes and outline for better understanding. The school is a sacred place that imparts education, awareness, knowledge and understanding to the students. The school is an ideal place that prepares the students for the great future of a country. Read More here Dalatad.

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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Navoday Useful

 Navoday Paper Solution

During regular school classes, the principal suddenly looks like a thunderbolt.  Our school examinations will start from this date till now so students are advised to get good marks in full and upcoming examinations.  I just hate these exams but now I have to face what I can do.  The date of the exam seems to be dancing in front of the eyes.  Then I start paying attention to the lectures in the class.  The rate seems to come in front of my eyes.






Navoday Useful

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The name of the person who invented the exam is not recorded in human history but if it was recorded then most of the students would have considered him as the incarnation of Ravana!  

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"If there was no exam ..." How relieving that is!  If there is no exam, heaven will come down to earth for the students.  Today's exam method seems to have become an alchemy for students to lose weight!  Exams are spent not on the body and mind of the students.  The mental stress that the patient experiences before the operation is what the students experience before the examination.  From the days or months before the exam, students become sleep deprived.  As one joint breaks thirteen, students forget the secret of another subject while reading one subject!  When the exam is very close, a situation like 'Raat thodi ne vesh zaza' arises for the student.  Students clamor for important questions, just as a thirsty traveler trapped in the desert cries out for water.  The hours spent in the examination room are a time of great test for the students.  Unexpected questions are asked in the question paper and many students forget the questions they know when they see a star on a white day.  Students' lives are stuck in the palate till the result comes after the examination.  If there are no exams, the students will get out of some difficulties.  4 If the exams come in a long time like extra months, then the students can handle them with sportsmanship but the exams come year after year like the catastrophic flood of Brahmaputra!  Alas, now every semester there are many different exams.  This constant torment of exams distracts the students.  Due to the constant onslaught of the exam, the student becomes a mere examinee without staying in the discipline.  If there are no exams and instead there is a more appropriate system to assess the knowledge and personality development of the students then maybe the students become true students, not only that, but the exams

Navoday 2022 Admit Card STD 9 

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One becomes the only examinee without living.  If there are no exams and instead there is a more appropriate system of assessing the knowledge and skills of the students then maybe the students become true students.  Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding.  If the exams are abolished then there will be no limit to the happiness of the students.  For a while, the hammer seems to be immersed in sports and fun, but the worries of the future, the pressure of the parents, the attention of the teachers will eventually make them concentrate on the study.  International vigilance is the price of liberty.  (A is the price of freedom.) The truth of the famous saying automatically comes into their experience.  1 We want a better system to be used as an alternative to the existing examination system to evaluate the knowledge of the students and make the festival a reality.  Read also:

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Fear of exams haunts both gifted and weak students.  As a result, students experience constant mental stress.  It also has the opposite effect on their body.  They cannot sleep peacefully in the anxiety of exams.  They can't even play enthusiastically.  They cannot eat.  They do not come high from Gokhanpatti day and night.  Also, they brag about the questions to be asked in the exam (IMP).  They are motivated to copy in the exam if they match.  The condition of the student gets worse when some examiners take out difficult and complex question papers.  In addition, parents constantly tickle students.  Parents have high expectations of them.  So the students feel immense confusion.  As a result, some students sometimes run away from home.  Sometimes a failed student even commits suicide!  If there were no exams, such tragic events would not happen!  Some parents worry too much about their child getting good results.  Such parents arrange tuition or coaching classes for the child.  In such an activity the guardian has to incur heavy expenses.  If there are no exams, parents will be spared such expenses!  Taking exams on time, preparing their results on time etc. can be a headache even for teachers and principals.  If there are no exams, all this will not be a mess.  Thus, if there are no exams, students, parents, teachers, etc. will be hashed.  If there are no exams the student can compete with me free.  They are relieved of the burden of the bar.  On the other hand, if there are no exams, some problems also arise.  Paribaraon dora no videsin ne?

Navoday OMR Sheet

(v) One help center is available in each Navodaya Vidyalaya to assist students and parents.  Where parents can carry out the registration by carrying the required documents such as a certificate signed by the principal, a photograph and a mobile phone (in which the registration number and password can be obtained).  Exam Admission Ticket Distribution Exam Admission Ticket will be available for download on Admission Portal from the date fixed by Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti.  Admission information can be obtained from the Admission Portal.  Students / parents will be able to download the admission card free of cost before JNVST exam.  Result of Selection Examination The result of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Examination-208 may be declared in the month of June (206).  Students will be able to get information about the result from the admission portal.  The result is also applied to the following office boards. 

Navoday Papers

Paper 1

Paper 2

Paper 3

Paper 4

Paper 5

H Government of India started Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV) in accordance with National Education Policy (18). 

Paper 6

Paper 7

Paper 8

Paper 9

Paper 10

At present Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya is functioning in 7 States and 06 Union Territories. 

Paper 11

Paper 12

Paper 13

Navoday English Paper

All these schools are co-educational residential schools, the entire financial responsibility of which is handled by the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, an autonomous body run by the Government of India.  Admission to these schools is given by Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test

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(JNVST) from 6th standard.  In these schools from Std. 6 to 8 mother tongue is taught in regional language and then English, Mathematics and Science English and Social Science are taught in Hindi language.

Navoday Practice Book

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya students' standard 10 and 12 board examinations are conducted by 'Kendriya Madhyamik Shikshan Board' - New Delhi.  Apart from education, accommodation, meals, uniforms and books are provided free of cost in these schools. Only Rs.  500 / - monthly fee is taken in the form of Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi ”.  Fees are waived for students belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, all students and students belonging to BPL families.  Such a government

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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

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The common Laka in India was spoken by Prakrit Bawa.  Magadha) Hindu rituals at that time were very complicated which were performed only by priests.  Has been done.  Upanishad has a great influence on Indian philosophy.  With the development of Buddhism and Jainism, these Upanishads also came into existence.  According to the Survanayuga of this period, it is believed that Prince Siddhartha Gautama died in 537 BC.  After this he became a wise man to Prince Gautam Matin Buddha.  It was during this period that Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism, developed a similar new school of thought which later became Jainism.  However, the conservatives of Jainism believe that God knew everything.  Their penance is mentioned during the labor movement.  There was an emphasis on abstinence in the scriptures of Ribuddha and Jainism.  These texts were in Prakrit so that they spread quickly among the people. These texts had some principles of Hinduism.  These included the principles of vegetarianism, animal violence, and non-violence.  Geographically, Jainism was confined to India, while Buddhist monks and nuns spread the teachings of the Buddha to Central Asia, East Asia, East Asia, Tibet, Sri Lanka, and South East Asia.

Nishtha All Modyul Aheval

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originated from the Neolithic site, whereas the first urban culture of the region was at places like Indus Valley Civilization (Daro), Lothal and Harappa.  [19]  Era The Indus Valley Civilization Survey of India's concept of Indus Valley Civilization The beginning of the Bronze Age of the Indian subcontinent around 3300 BCE  (Sindh) and Punjab = nt India) Historical division, inhabitants of the three most June = dus river valleys in the world along with Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt Harappan people made new discoveries in metallurgy and produced copper, bronze and tin  Was.  The culture of the Indus Valley, spread between CE and 1900 BCE, is considered to be the beginning of urban culture in the subcontinent.  The culture was concentrated in its tributaries for its brick-built cities, sewerage systems and high-rise buildings.

Masvar Ayojan

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Was extended to. Far The Vedic period is sacred to Hindus to represent the Indo-Aryan culture associated with the Veda richas and was performed orally in Vedic Sanskrit.  Vedas Kettle

Auto Excel Patrak A

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During this period and many centuries after, Paana Var experienced the rule of South India, Chalukya, Chola, Pallava and Pandya.  During this period Indian civilization, administrative culture and religion, Hinduism and Buddhism spread to South-East Asia South.  [3] No one knows the exact date of the advent of Islam in the subcontinent of Kerala but Jesus Christ traded with the Roman Empire and the Middle East by sea.  Muslim rule in the subcontinent began in 712 (CE) when an Arab general Muhammad bin of Punjab invaded Multan and Sindh and laid the foundations of the Muslim empire in the Indian subcontinent in the tenth and fifteenth centuries.  The Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal Empire ruled most of the northern part of the subcontinent. Mughal kings introduced Middle Eastern art and architecture in India.  This allowed Afghans, Balochs, and Sikhs to rule the north-western part of the subcontinent as far south as the British East India Company.  Dissatisfaction with the Company's rule led to the rapid development of infrastructure and economic decline in India during the period of the First War of Independence after the British monarchy came into power.  After partition, India and Pakistan gained independence from Great Britain in 1947.

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History of Navas Ezra D & Republic of India.  To see the history of Pakistan and Bangladesh, see History of Pakistan and Bangladesh.  This Bronze Age of India fell at the beginning of the millennium AD, followed by the development of India along the Ganges, the Iron Age, and later Vai, and it was here that large kingdoms like the Mahajanapadas developed.  In one of these kingdoms, great men like Gautama Buddha and BC were born in Magadha and he spread his Shramana i.e. philosophy among the people.  Later kings and rulers ruled the region, and the culture of the region was preserved by the Persian monarch Alexander the Great in 543 BC and Alexis the Great in 326 BC. 


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Demetrius of Bactria established the Indo-Greek rule, which included Gandhara and the Punjab.  His reign spread throughout the Menander dynasty and developed the Buddhist culture of the Greek period.  The entire subcontinent was one during the fourth and third centuries AD of the Mauryan Empire.


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Its northern part remained under the Gupta Empire in the 4th century BC and for two centuries thereafter. This period [[Hindu |  The period of Hinduism and its intellectual upliftment is known to fans as the Golden Age of India.  During this period and many centuries thereafter, South India came under the rule of Chalukyas, Cholas, Pallavas and Pandyas. North_Gateway  - East Asia |  South

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Tuesday, April 5, 2022



And choose the techniques carefully, taking into account the age of the children, the individual characteristics.  The main thing is not to hurt the baby!  Every day, to get ready for work, you involuntarily ask yourself questions: What is waiting for me today?  How will the kids meet and appreciate me?  How to learn a new dance?  Will the rehearsal of the musical performance go well?  I get answers to all these questions already during work or at the end of the working day.  Sometimes, I can't find the answers to the questions that arise from me, then to find the answers in the literature, I will take the help of colleagues.  Preschoolers, very jigsaw puzzles, little people, they demand everything new, interesting and emotional.  At the same time, you need to be a child and immerse yourself in a world of learning to express music in their "Children's Musical Language", understanding children's experiences and everything around them.  What does kindergarten music director mean?  How many new abilities this business reveals in me!  The music director's profession is amazing and unique in that it combines different professions.  Musician and artist, screenwriter and director, costume designer and actor, make-up artist and sound engineer.  It forms the music hall.  Writes scripts and celebrates numerous.  Children's musical and creative development, the atmosphere of joy in kindergarten largely depends on how interesting, professional-literate you are.  Receiving words of gratitude from parents, co-workers, children is a real pleasure for me and a major achievement in my work.  Thanks for the organized learning activities in music.  Where all sorts of classic activities are present Dora.  Listening to the singing

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Why did I choose the profession of kindergarten music director?  The answer is very simple. In my business, two great miracles are combined - children and music.  I am at the root of the birth of a child's personality.  It's up to me whether the music will help develop the best qualities: emotional sensitivity, ability to feel the harmony around, kindness, sensitivity to beauty ... musical director ... it seems dry, soulless, one sided ... if  That is, dig deep and you will know that these two words are true.  "Musical" - beautiful, sensual, loving, playful "leader" - unknown, giving a hand to fear and leading to new, unfamiliar, beautiful ... we give light.  We teach to love, to understand, to empathize, to feel.  A person who was very close to me played an important role in my choice of business.  This is my mother.  For me the capital is a letter man.  He has devoted his entire life to raising children.  When I remember as a child where I went as a child, one of the humble eyes of the teachers who greeted me every morning and one of them my mom came to my mind.  Years later I joined A.T.  In the name of Dosmashmadeva, I graduated from Atarayu Pedagogchitra University and do an internship on my own and am close to Kindergarten, where the same eyes of my teachers become my guiding teachers.  His kindness and care will always be in my heart.  A lot of time has passed, and I still remember the names of my teachers.  Maybe even then, I decided I really wanted to be like them.  Kindergarten is the most attractive country where every day is different from the previous country and the main inhabitants of this country are children.  They made us who we are.  And for that I am grateful to them.  After all, they make me angry and teach me a lot.  They learn to accept the mistakes of others, just as they do.  But demands more of itself.  Based on my experience, I can say with confidence.  One desire and effort is not enough to become a good music director.  Acquiring skills in pedagogy and perseverance, taking into account the characteristics of the children.  Academic


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Today is World Yoga Day which the whole world is celebrating with enthusiasm.  Today is World Music Day.  Music is an art that connects directly with the human soul.  While yoga is believed to awaken the senses and destroy physical ailments, there are also ragas in music that can cure a variety of ailments.  Even music can be said to be a kind of yoga.

MUSIC, Karyanubhav PAPERS

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Music has also been used to treat many ailments.  Science also acknowledges that listening to your favorite music for about 30 minutes every day can help prevent many diseases.  The ragas of Indian classical music have so much power that it can bring physical and mental well-being to the native.


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Classical music.  Sugam Sangeet and Lok Sangeet The two main modes of Indian classical music are Hindustani music - which became popular in North India, Carnatic music - which became popular in South India.  Hindustani music developed under the umbrella of Mughal emperors and Carnatic music developed due to temples.  This is more of a makeup interest.  Thumri, Tappa, Hori in subclassical music.  Kajri etc. are.  Sugam Sangeet is popular among the masses such as - - Bhajan Indian Film Music • Ghazal.  Indian Pop Music Folk Music acc (baha links)

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