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Sunday, March 13, 2022

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As the head of a government-run school, it is the responsibility of the head teacher to maintain and maintain the office.  The school book is a basis for implementing the circulars issued by the government from time to time, for following the orders given in the interest of the students and for compliance with the peer teachers.  It is the moral and legal duty of the head teacher to prepare and maintain the prescribed forms for proper adherence to the policy and rules formulated by the Government.  It is necessary and unavoidable to submit these forms to the competent officer of taluka-district or state for verification in time.  In the sense of school family development.  The position of the school office is important in all the processes of enrolling the children in the school, enrolling them in the school, making them permanent in the school and imparting quality education.  It is necessary to prepare detailed forms for the overall development of the student taking into account the work that is scheduled for that month.  It is very important to note the various aspects of a child enrolled in a school till he completes his schooling.  Such a note becomes an inspiration and guide for the parents for the bright future of the student.  With the help of all the teachers of the school, Daftar becomes an important document in this path too

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Elementary school is the center of society.  It is not just a building for formal education, but a social institution that shapes society.  In which there is a school which imparts direct subject education to the student and disguises itself as a democratic citizen.  Sarkar is an educational institution for performing many functions of social system.  It is the responsibility of the head teacher to manage as per the guidelines of the state administration for the holistic development of the student.  For this, various files of students, teachers and education related matters have to be prepared and taken care of.  The personality of the school is stored in this file and the information recorded in it gives a glimpse of the progress of the school.  Importance of school books The school books are an essential part of school management.  School papers / files are a source of information for the society.  From the very beginning of the school, for the present and bright future of the school, various portfolios have been maintained and maintained.  The school briefcase is a mirror of the best management in which the clean and gentle reflection of the school is captured.  Here is a graph of the ups and downs of school activity.  The progress of the school can be categorized on the basis of the file.  A detailed record is kept of all matters covering the school administration and the work of the school family members.  To do.  uploadir compl

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In school management, circulars, suggestions, guidance traditions, customary approaches, resourceful etc. are realistic or realistic. It has practical centerpieces. When working in the interest of the student, guardian or school, there is practicality and medium-way attitude. In this regard, our education supervisor friends reveal the important link between the school and administration. Our BRC cordinator friends also have administrative skills. In this way, many person's guidance in the maintenance of the school archives. It occasionally happens to be thoughtful. The probability of struggling and the conflict between our lifting and current rules will not be denied at that time. Here is that this is that the main teacher has to do the work of the rules, the school is bouncing, if they are missing, perhaps, then the Pay Center or Taluka - can be obtained from the district office and based on the removal of the wrongdoing. In legal terms, it is necessary to take instructions, circulars, rules given to the official official. Special discussion of this type of issue will be done during training. So this module has been integrated from the joint view of 'idealism "and" pragmatism ". In which,

The historical decision of the government has been created separate cadre of the main teacher of primary schools. The candidates were selected by public examination and are planning to provide training through the organization such as SPIPA. The importance of primary education, primary school and primary school main teacher is accepted by antiquity. In the years of implementation of RTE and RTE, the importance of the implementation of RTE and RTE - RTE has been increasingly increasing. When this type of training, the instructors who provide training are also to issue a significant role. The distance between training and training is that we know. Therefore, the training provider is necessary to fulfill the accountability as a successful instructor. Two sections of primary education, include the eighth standard and the performance of our main teacher's workers participating in the early years of implementation, is easily prepared, this training material has been prepared with an attitude of sisity easily. School management and school archives can be considered the success of the success of education. Darshan of our chief teachers between human resources, accessible features and local situations D hand demand

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