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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Exam File 2021-22


With  instance of to the above subject and  instance of for dacoity, the  plane of the second semester examination for  evaluate students studying in government, grant aided and self-reliant primary schools of all mediums in the state with the same question papers is  adding here for which the following  command should be taken into  thought .  1. The syllabus of the second semester will be taken into  thought in all the subjects of Std. 3 to 8 in this test.  2.  Similar tests in Gujarati (first language), Mathematics, Science, Social Science,  weather will have to be  thought .  The rest of the subjects will be tested by the grant-aided and self-reliant primary school. 

MARKS EDIT PATRAK 3-4-5 & 6-7-8




Government primary schools will have to  instrument the same tests for all academic subjects.  In the school where shift system is  instrument , examination of all subjects of all standard will have to be conducted as per the given schedule.  4. The District Education Committee District Primary Education Officer as well as the Govt.  5. Students of Std. 6 and 8 will have to write answers in the test paper.  Students of Std. 6 to 8 will have to write the answers in a separate answer book with pen.  6. Necessary arrangement of maps in social science subject and graph in mathematics subject shall be made by the district system to the corporation along with the test papers.  7. Detailed instruction regarding online data entry of examination result will be given separately to the entire Shiksha, Gandhinagar Marak.


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The syllabus of the second semester is  adding in this examination.   indicative study findings for this are given along with the standard and subject.  You have to send the CD of test papers to the nodal officer appointed by you on the date mentioned from here.  If the nodal officer cannot be present due to circumstances, the  in charge  candidate should be sent with the letter of authority.  Which can be  harmonization by the District Governing Officer, DEO as well as DPEO and sent to any one nodal officer for taking CD.  Exam related privacy must be maintained.  10. Where the rate contract of District Panchayat Education Committee is tender, it can also be printed as per the rate contract of District Panchayat Corporation.  As well as the school level will have to make proper arrangements for distribution.  1. The instructions  probables from time to time by the Government under COVID-12 should be followed.  T enclosure: 1.  List of representative study  searching by standard and subject  Second Seminar Examination 2021: Time Table Std. 6 to 8

Auto Excel Patrak G

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STD 1 - 2 Excel Exam File

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by admin The Night before the Exam The Night before the Exam Essay in Gujarati: Tension happen in an exam manner.  Examiners are in a different mood on this day.  What questions in the exam are in this state of uncertainty.  Many  instance of books are read by the examinees to get a tough routine of all the examinees to prepare questions, notes and points of their best questions for each person to prepare for the crucial hour.  Everyone wishes them success.  Encouraged and helped by relatives and friends.  citibanamex

 thought regular school classes, the principal  quickly looks like a thunderbolt.  Our school exams will start by this time so students are advised to get good marks in this and future exams.  I just hate these exams but now I have to face what I can do.  The date of the exam seems to be dancing in front of the eyes.  Then I start paying attention to the lectures in the classroom.  New Delhi - Bengaluru -

PATRAK - B Excel

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It has been a  attain part of my life and the more I realize the importance of my family, the better off I am trying to be.  It doesn't matter what family you belong to.  Everything is fine as long as there is love, support and respect.  Relationships with our family members that we have a strong and  individual relationship with each member of the family My most important goal in life is to build a successful and highly rewarding career and I can only  attain this with my family support which helps me build a strong future. 


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My family gives me  important tips about different careers and careers that are most appropriate for me.  Not only do they help me in this but they also help me financially by covering all the expenses.  Whenever I want to celebrate a victory I have to share it with my family otherwise it feels bad and it is mostly because they helped me to reach the top by supporting me constantly.  I think the problem with a lot of people is that they don't value the family as much as they should, want to make  notable career  expatiation or  obtain some material zip


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