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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Exam File 2021-22


With  instance of to the above subject and  instance of for dacoity, the  plane of the second semester examination for  evaluate students studying in government, grant aided and self-reliant primary schools of all mediums in the state with the same question papers is  adding here for which the following  command should be taken into  thought .  1. The syllabus of the second semester will be taken into  thought in all the subjects of Std. 3 to 8 in this test.  2.  Similar tests in Gujarati (first language), Mathematics, Science, Social Science,  weather will have to be  thought .  The rest of the subjects will be tested by the grant-aided and self-reliant primary school. 

MARKS EDIT PATRAK 3-4-5 & 6-7-8




Government primary schools will have to  instrument the same tests for all academic subjects.  In the school where shift system is  instrument , examination of all subjects of all standard will have to be conducted as per the given schedule.  4. The District Education Committee District Primary Education Officer as well as the Govt.  5. Students of Std. 6 and 8 will have to write answers in the test paper.  Students of Std. 6 to 8 will have to write the answers in a separate answer book with pen.  6. Necessary arrangement of maps in social science subject and graph in mathematics subject shall be made by the district system to the corporation along with the test papers.  7. Detailed instruction regarding online data entry of examination result will be given separately to the entire Shiksha, Gandhinagar Marak.


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The syllabus of the second semester is  adding in this examination.   indicative study findings for this are given along with the standard and subject.  You have to send the CD of test papers to the nodal officer appointed by you on the date mentioned from here.  If the nodal officer cannot be present due to circumstances, the  in charge  candidate should be sent with the letter of authority.  Which can be  harmonization by the District Governing Officer, DEO as well as DPEO and sent to any one nodal officer for taking CD.  Exam related privacy must be maintained.  10. Where the rate contract of District Panchayat Education Committee is tender, it can also be printed as per the rate contract of District Panchayat Corporation.  As well as the school level will have to make proper arrangements for distribution.  1. The instructions  probables from time to time by the Government under COVID-12 should be followed.  T enclosure: 1.  List of representative study  searching by standard and subject  Second Seminar Examination 2021: Time Table Std. 6 to 8

Auto Excel Patrak G

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STD 1 - 2 Excel Exam File

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by admin The Night before the Exam The Night before the Exam Essay in Gujarati: Tension happen in an exam manner.  Examiners are in a different mood on this day.  What questions in the exam are in this state of uncertainty.  Many  instance of books are read by the examinees to get a tough routine of all the examinees to prepare questions, notes and points of their best questions for each person to prepare for the crucial hour.  Everyone wishes them success.  Encouraged and helped by relatives and friends.  citibanamex

 thought regular school classes, the principal  quickly looks like a thunderbolt.  Our school exams will start by this time so students are advised to get good marks in this and future exams.  I just hate these exams but now I have to face what I can do.  The date of the exam seems to be dancing in front of the eyes.  Then I start paying attention to the lectures in the classroom.  New Delhi - Bengaluru -

PATRAK - B Excel

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It has been a  attain part of my life and the more I realize the importance of my family, the better off I am trying to be.  It doesn't matter what family you belong to.  Everything is fine as long as there is love, support and respect.  Relationships with our family members that we have a strong and  individual relationship with each member of the family My most important goal in life is to build a successful and highly rewarding career and I can only  attain this with my family support which helps me build a strong future. 


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My family gives me  important tips about different careers and careers that are most appropriate for me.  Not only do they help me in this but they also help me financially by covering all the expenses.  Whenever I want to celebrate a victory I have to share it with my family otherwise it feels bad and it is mostly because they helped me to reach the top by supporting me constantly.  I think the problem with a lot of people is that they don't value the family as much as they should, want to make  notable career  expatiation or  obtain some material zip

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Sunday, March 20, 2022

Rojmel KhataWahi Excel File


ICT is increasingly prevalent. Rojmel KhataWahi Excel  While our children are using a wide variety of technologies at home, and it is important that they understand their use and be safe while doing so, digital technology should be used at the grassroots level (pre-primary / primary level) as it is widely used in all areas of one's life.  Is taken.  Proper use of technology is one of the main and necessary outcomes at the basic level (pre-primary / primary education).  ICT teaching materials can be more visual and practical;  Useful information can be found more easily;  It strengthens the motivation of the students, and better Rojmel KhataWahi Excel Rojmel KhataWahi Excelresults are achieved using ICT.  It encourages children Rojmel KhataWahi Excel to be active and learn independently, it encourages children to give Atim a chance to progress individually.  It is very important to promote students' Rojmel KhataWahi Excel creativity, cooperation, self-esteem and self-directed learning towards the future learning environment.  Where direct experience is not possible, it increases the chances of learning by providing indirect experience.  We show children that the use of computer technology is not only for games but also creative.  Tough to eat and their ideas from the real world and

0 ICT does not have to be a single thing.  In this particular example we have taken - a smartphone with internet connectivity and using a medium like Whatsapp to send a message is a form of ICT.  Often as teachers, we may not actually use ICT in the classroom, but we do claim to use ICT in the classroom.  Let us consider this Rojmel KhataWahi Excel example where Rojmel KhataWahi Excel a teacher uses a slide presentation to teach and explain the material in his classroom. Rojmel KhataWahi Excel Can this teacher claim Rojmel KhataWahi Excel that he uses ICT?  Not really, because the teacher uses the slide presentation that he created digitally, and stored it as digital Rojmel KhataWahi Excel information.  She is able to retrieve it and use it in the classroom.  Sometimes, when there is a need to improve, it can be improved.  However, most of the communication of sending and receiving information takes place only in physical form and digital form

Aek Bharat Shreshth Bharat



26 January AHEVAL PDF


When it comes down to it, we just give the full form of ICT as information and communication technology, or sometimes we mention the Rojmel KhataWahi Excel uses of ICT.  As a teacher, it is important to understand the concept of ICT for effective use in education.  According to UNESCO, ICT refers to a set of technological tools and resources that can create, Rojmel KhataWahi Excel store and transmit digital information.  Whenever we define a concept we try to make a list of essential features.  Which will help us to categorize examples and non-examples.  Let's try to understand the essential features of ICT with an example.  We may have clicked a photograph using a smartphone.  What Rojmel KhataWahi Excel do we really do when we click a photograph?  Let me now click on the picture of this person.  In this photo we have the following information of a person created digitally.  That

Rojamel Khatawahi Excel Ma


What Rojmel KhataWahi Excel do we really do when we click a photograph?  Let me now click on the picture of this person.  In this photo we have the following information of a person created digitally.



Rojmel KhataWahi Excel With the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, the picture of education in India has recently brightened.  The government's flagship plans with a dynamic education sector, directly linked to skills development, employment potential and job creation, can also help meet the demand for knowledge economy, industry 4.0 or education 2.0.  Through ICT, NEP envisions building an environment (ecosystem) that can provide the necessary tools to educate the youngest citizens of the country, especially in difficult times like the Kovind-19 epidemic.  One of the key areas of NEP 2020 is basic literacy and numeracy (FLN) which has renewed its focus on pre-primary and primary education.  The FLN, as we know it, refers to the essential literacy and numeracy that signals the building of sufficient mastery and numeracy abilities during the basic stages of school.  FLN is an essential step and necessary for all future preparations and intensive education.  NEP-2020 directs the education system to prioritize and achieve universal basic literacy and numeracy at the grassroots and early stages by 2025.  For the formation of FLN Kauralyo



Technology and FLN: Introduction - Transcript  Hello friends, nowadays technology has entered every stage of our lives.  Many adults are amazed to see a very young child using a mobile phone before they get up, walk and talk and they are also able to play videos.  Now children are gathering a lot of information about various aspects just before they go to school to learn.  It is because of technology that even resources have become accessible to them.  During the epidemic, it has been observed that the use of mobile phones by children has increased tremendously, which not only increases the chances of learning but also threatens unwanted or unpleasant experiences in the cyber world.  It has become a common occurrence where no child can escape this scene.  As Siraj-Playford and Whitebread (2003) show, today young children are growing up in a world that is increasingly being explored not only by technology but also by ICT.



By completing the course, the participant will be able to do the following.  * Describe information and communication technology (ICT).  * Explain the benefits of integrating technology with pedagogy for the development of basic literacy and numeracy (FLN) in participants. * Identify and explain the use of various ICT tools in learning, teaching and evaluation.  - ICT materials for primary / primary standards - can create learning process integration based learning - teaching strategies

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Saturday, March 19, 2022

Ujasbhani Aheval


Why do children need special care?  Children are more different than adults due to the conditions under which they live. Therefore, they are more affected by the actions and inaction of the government and society than other age groups.  There are adults in the formation, or not yet ready to contribute to society. Children do not look like a person who has his own brain. He has observations to express. He has the ability to make choices and has the ability to make decisions.  The children have no opinion, no political influence and they have little economic power.  Also often their voices are not heard. Children are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

According to the above topic and context, you all know that from the year 2015-16, Ujas Bhani in the government schools of the state ... the celebration of the program is done enthusiastically.  In order to make the students more aware on Adolescent Education, in coordination with various departments, with the help of their cinnamon, a separate episode has been prepared for the students of Std. 6 to 8 as well as Std. 5 to 12 covering the subject of POCSO Act - 2020 Health and Nutrition.  .  Broadcast of the main episode for the children of secondary school (Std. 6 to 12) on Friday 06.03.209 from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm as well as for the children of upper primary school (Std. 6 to 8) in the evening.  Vande will be on Gujarat Channel - No. (1) between 00:00 and 5:00.  At the time of broadcasting all the children have to carry notebooks and ballpoint pens and at the end of broadcasting hot and nutritious snacks have to be arranged for each student. Rs. n.

How do we view children: Children are not just our children, students, customers and future citizens etc. but are independent and prominent personalities who have their own rights.



What is Adhikar or Ta?  All the basic needs that are right and just for a person are called rights.  Every child has the same rights as an adult on the basis of equality.  Childhood has its own value but it also needs special protection and care due to the need of the child's tender age.  Only the best interests of the children should be given priority. |  3600 - - - C Year-2015 Thus the students were also given understanding of Child Rights, Adolescent Education and POCSO Act-2020 by the Byrog and the teaching staff of the school.  Each student made a note of this exciting event in their notebook.  At the end of the broadcast, hot as well as nutritious snacks were arranged for each student.  A

Aek Bharat Shreshth Bharat



26 January AHEVAL PDF


openwth - own brain.  There are observations to express.  Has the ability to make choices and the ability to make decisions.  Instead of being guided by adults, adults make their life decisions. Children have no say or no political influence and little economic power.  Also often their voices are not heard. Children are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.  "Who is a child? According to international law, a child is every human being under the age of 18. Adoption is the definition of a child. From what point of view do we view children?  Everyone has their own rights.



KE-2011/12 According to the above subject and context, Ujas Bhani program was celebrated in this school.  From the year 2015-16, Ujas Bhani has been celebrated in government schools of the state.  Then on Friday, 05.03.207, during the hours of 3:00 to 5:00 pm, to make the students of Std. 6 to 8 of our school more aware on the subject of Adolescent Education, coordinated with various departments and with the help of their cinnamon through POCSO Act -  Separate episodes were shown on Vande Gujarat Channel-1 (1) on the topic of 2020 Health and Nutrition.  During this program, the children of Std. 6 to 8 were seated with ballpoint pens and notes and the children were given the understanding of this program by the byseg and the teachers of our school.  * Why children need special care Child 01 108 (1098) or The conditions under which they live.  That is why children are so different from adults.  They are therefore more affected by the actions and inaction of the government and society than any other age group.  In most societies like ours the observation reinforces that children are theirs

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Wednesday, March 16, 2022



Order: The second semester of the academic year 2021-2 has started from MDM Paripatra But due to Corona, educational work in schools has not started with 100% attendance. Therefore, during the school days of November 2021 and December 2031, the students of Std. Allowance (funking cost and grain). As per the provisions of the above resolution of the Department of Education, in the academic year 2061-9, for 9 school days from MDM Paripatra students registered in Std. 1 to 8 are given food security allowance under PM POSHAN (MDM) scheme. Taken from Resolution No .: -

Mabhay/MDM Paripatra GOI of the Education Department dated MDM Paripatra

MDM PARIPATRA VacationTabakko




(1). HOME LEARNING time from MDM Paripatra by strictly following all the guiding instructions mentioned in Resolution no. The food grains of Food Security Allowances are to be distributed by the headmaster / SMC to the parents of the beneficiary children who have been enrolled in the school for a total of 3 school days. And the amount of cooking cost has to be deposited in the bank account of the student parents by the head teacher SMC of the school.


MDM New Menu Mujab Bhojan 03-03-22

MDM Vasan Kharidava Babat

MDM Menu Ferafar Babat 24-03-20

I To distribute food grains while maintaining social distance in accordance with the guidelines of COVID-19 of the Government keeping in view the local circumstances. With the services of SMC, local school principals, teachers and the honorary salary holders of the mid-day meal center, the Deputy Collector (MDM.) Taluka Mamlatdar and the District Primary Education Officer, in consultation with the District Supply Officer, should complete the distribution of foodgrains smoothly.






will be bet. (3). All the primary school students enrolled in the academic year 2031-203 under the PM POSHAN (MDM) scheme will have to send the daily report on the details of distribution of foodgrains and cooking cost for 3 days in the prescribed form in the prescribed form to the email here. Also, the details of the amount distributed daily and the amount deposited in the bank account of the student / guardian should be given in the prescribed specimen form shown on Google Drive at the email address here. (2). In any case, the student / guardian from the school will not have to pay the amount in cash under any circumstances, and if such a payment is noticed, all the responsibility will be on the principal of the school concerned and the responsible officer of the district and corporation as well as taluka offices. alr




MY ALL Name ↑ MDM Paripatra Order Cast Amount As per grain fixed assumption MDM Paripatra The use of fortified rice in mid-day meal scheme has started from 1/09/2021. The importance of fortified rice in preventing malnutrition and boosting immunity needs to be propagated from district level, taluka level, school level. Eliminate the misconception that Fortified Rice karnel is considered plastic rice. And parents, teachers, students, administrators, cooks, assistants should have a special understanding of Fortified Rice. (2) When foodgrains are distributed as per the prescribed procedure in the District Corporation, the instructions from time to time to maintain the social distance of the Home Department of the Health Department under the Disaster Management Act shall be strictly followed. To ensure that foodgrains are distributed only to the parents of the students and complete transparency is maintained. The distribution of foodgrains must be done under the supervision of SMC, the head teacher of the school. To inspect the school / PS by the Deputy Collector (M.B.Yo) Primary Education Officer, Mamlatdar, Deputy District Primary Education Officer, Deputy Mamlatdar, Mid-day Meal Scheme Supervisor, Education Inspector, as per the specified pattern. |MDM Paripatra




(10). Cooking cost grant has been allotted on the basis of the number of students in Std. But if new admissions are obtained, the district should get the required missing grant in terms of the increased number of students. Ensuring that no student is deprived of food security allowances. (11). Cooking for the period of 9 school GO_ days from MDM Paripatra as per the approval received from the Resolution No. Does the amount of cost and grain reach all the beneficiaries in a timely manner? Its district level will have to undergo frequent scrutiny. And a detailed report of the action taken by the district corporation and taluka level in this regard should be sent to this office from time to time. 0000 Joint Commissioner Midday Meal Scheme Gandhinagar. Respect the note above. Enclosure as per order of Commissioner: - 1. Annexure-1 and 2. Annexure - 2 and Annexure - 2 A ud

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Sunday, March 13, 2022

New Update

As the head of a government-run school, it is the responsibility of the head teacher to maintain and maintain the office.  The school book is a basis for implementing the circulars issued by the government from time to time, for following the orders given in the interest of the students and for compliance with the peer teachers.  It is the moral and legal duty of the head teacher to prepare and maintain the prescribed forms for proper adherence to the policy and rules formulated by the Government.  It is necessary and unavoidable to submit these forms to the competent officer of taluka-district or state for verification in time.  In the sense of school family development.  The position of the school office is important in all the processes of enrolling the children in the school, enrolling them in the school, making them permanent in the school and imparting quality education.  It is necessary to prepare detailed forms for the overall development of the student taking into account the work that is scheduled for that month.  It is very important to note the various aspects of a child enrolled in a school till he completes his schooling.  Such a note becomes an inspiration and guide for the parents for the bright future of the student.  With the help of all the teachers of the school, Daftar becomes an important document in this path too

Manav Kalyan Yojana

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Elementary school is the center of society.  It is not just a building for formal education, but a social institution that shapes society.  In which there is a school which imparts direct subject education to the student and disguises itself as a democratic citizen.  Sarkar is an educational institution for performing many functions of social system.  It is the responsibility of the head teacher to manage as per the guidelines of the state administration for the holistic development of the student.  For this, various files of students, teachers and education related matters have to be prepared and taken care of.  The personality of the school is stored in this file and the information recorded in it gives a glimpse of the progress of the school.  Importance of school books The school books are an essential part of school management.  School papers / files are a source of information for the society.  From the very beginning of the school, for the present and bright future of the school, various portfolios have been maintained and maintained.  The school briefcase is a mirror of the best management in which the clean and gentle reflection of the school is captured.  Here is a graph of the ups and downs of school activity.  The progress of the school can be categorized on the basis of the file.  A detailed record is kept of all matters covering the school administration and the work of the school family members.  To do.  uploadir compl

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In school management, circulars, suggestions, guidance traditions, customary approaches, resourceful etc. are realistic or realistic. It has practical centerpieces. When working in the interest of the student, guardian or school, there is practicality and medium-way attitude. In this regard, our education supervisor friends reveal the important link between the school and administration. Our BRC cordinator friends also have administrative skills. In this way, many person's guidance in the maintenance of the school archives. It occasionally happens to be thoughtful. The probability of struggling and the conflict between our lifting and current rules will not be denied at that time. Here is that this is that the main teacher has to do the work of the rules, the school is bouncing, if they are missing, perhaps, then the Pay Center or Taluka - can be obtained from the district office and based on the removal of the wrongdoing. In legal terms, it is necessary to take instructions, circulars, rules given to the official official. Special discussion of this type of issue will be done during training. So this module has been integrated from the joint view of 'idealism "and" pragmatism ". In which,

The historical decision of the government has been created separate cadre of the main teacher of primary schools. The candidates were selected by public examination and are planning to provide training through the organization such as SPIPA. The importance of primary education, primary school and primary school main teacher is accepted by antiquity. In the years of implementation of RTE and RTE, the importance of the implementation of RTE and RTE - RTE has been increasingly increasing. When this type of training, the instructors who provide training are also to issue a significant role. The distance between training and training is that we know. Therefore, the training provider is necessary to fulfill the accountability as a successful instructor. Two sections of primary education, include the eighth standard and the performance of our main teacher's workers participating in the early years of implementation, is easily prepared, this training material has been prepared with an attitude of sisity easily. School management and school archives can be considered the success of the success of education. Darshan of our chief teachers between human resources, accessible features and local situations D hand demand

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