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Sunday, February 20, 2022

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Proportionate), should not increase - Student-Teacher Proportion = (smallest classroom area in square feet - sixty) / Eight school buildings or other constructions or grounds are used for education and skill development purposes only.  5) The school is kept open for inspection by any official authorized by the State Government Local Authority.  The school shall provide the report and information as directed by the Director or the competent authority from time to time in the format specified in the order and within the time limit, general or special order and direct state government or local authority  Comply.  Unless the scope of the clause (j) is restricted, the school should prepare and maintain such a website if the director has ordered it to do so and it should be maintained.  The website should be in the format specified by the director and provide such information.  DISE (District Information System for Education) data must also be filled in every year on the DISE website (District Information System for Education) properly and correctly within the time frame specified by the school.

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= Children will be included in the weaker classes and disadvantaged groups and for which the recognition of such special status by the State Government through the certificate of any appropriate authority will suffice.  Children of families whose children are included in the (BPL) poverty line families at that particular time will be considered as children of economically weaker families.  (2) The Director shall issue guidelines for such admissions, which schools are required to follow.  The school management board should conduct special training for special class children to coordinate special class children with other children.  Teachers and the school management board should be made aware of the need for proper coordination of these children through professionally conducted trainings. 

Special class children should not be discriminated against under any circumstances in relation to the provision of infrastructural facilities, access to learning activities or the behavior of teachers, management and / or students (towards special class children).  In the event of a serious breach of this rule, the recognition may be revoked.  The adjoining areas or boundaries specified in sub-rule (2) of the rule page shall apply to the admission given in accordance with clause (c) of sub-section (1) of section 12: but school, sub-section (1) of section 12.  For the

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 purposes of filling the required percentage of seats for children referred to in clause (c) of, the limit may be extended with the prior approval of the State Government.  13.  Punitive Action: In case of any complaint regarding violation of sub-section (1) of section 13 of the Act, the director or the officer authorized by him should make necessary investigation and if there is any important content in the complaint, he should give notice to the concerned school board.  After giving the School Management Board the opportunity to make written and oral representations, they have to submit a letter within one (c) day in accordance with the provisions of sub-section (2) of section 13 of the Act.


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school |  school SHIXA SOE - 26 (1) All students in a school established, owned, or controlled by a state government or local authority, (2) receive such assistance or grants from the state government or local authority to meet their full or partial expenses.  The number of children enrolled in a subsidiary school, subject to at least 5%, in proportion to its annual recurring expenses and its annual recurring assistance or grant.  (2) All the students admitted in the school as specified in sub-clauses (3) and (3) of clause (th) of section Rana of the Act, completely unsupported school as per clause (c) of sub-section (1) of section 19.  Explanation: In relation to the child admitted as per clause (b) or (c) of sub-section (1) of section 13, the obligation to provide facility for right to free education, respectively, clauses of sub-rule (1) of this rule 2 (1).  ), (2) or (3) as mentioned in the schools.  For the purposes of determining and establishing nearby schools, school mapping should be carried out by the State Government or, as the case may be, local authorities and the identification of children from remote areas, children with disabilities, children belonging to disadvantaged groups, children belonging to weaker sections and children referred to in section 3, within one year  And should be done every year thereafter.  The state government or, as the case may be, the local authority should ensure that no child is abused in school, subject to caste, class, religion or caste.  For the purposes of clause (c) of section 3, the State Government and for the purposes of clause (c) of clause, the local authority should ensure that the child of the weaker class and the children of the deprived Jaya during class, lunch.

When a child is admitted to the school after the extended period for school 4 admission, he or she will be eligible to complete the study with the help of special training as decided by the head of the school.  .  Special Training.- (1) School Management Committee Local authorities should identify the children in need of special training and arrange such training as follows Special training, age appropriate study material approved by the educational authority specified in section 3 (1)  Should be methodologically based.  (B) It should be provided through classes planned in the school premises or through planned classes in the facility accommodation.  (C) (2) It shall be provided by the teachers working in the school or by teachers specially appointed for that purpose.  The duration of special training will be for a period of at least three months, which may be extended based on periodic assessment of the progress of the study.  (3) After special training, the child is admitted to a standard corresponding to his / her age, and special attention will be given to him / her by the teacher to enable him / her to successfully coordinate academically and emotionally with the rest of the class.  .  Matter of opening new elementary schools or acquiring a private school.  (1) District Primary Education Committee constituted under sub-section (1) of section 4 of Gujarat Panchayat Act, 19 and Mumbai Primary Education Act, 19 and Municipal formed under sub-section (2) of section 3 of Mumbai Primary Education Act, 19.  The School Board may, with the prior approval of the Director or the authorized officer thereof, open a new elementary school where necessary or acquire a private school or incur additional costs on the elementary school run by it.

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