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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Home Learning


With the situation in Corona becoming explosive, now Home Learning 2021-22 that schools cannot be reopened and examinations cannot be taken, the government has finally announced mass promotions in Std. 1 to 8 and Std. 9-11. Home Learning 2021-22 A formal resolution has also been passed. In which instruction has been given to continue home learning in Std. 1 to 8.  The self-reliant school administrators have protested against the mass promotion and termed my promotion Home Learning 2021-22 as fatal for education.

July Karykram Std 3-4-5

July Karykram Std 6-7-8

August Samay Patrak PDF

STD - 3        STD - 4        STD - 5

STD - 3-4-5 

STD - 6        STD - 7        STD - 8

STD - 6-7-8


September Samay Patrak PDF

STD - 3-4-5 

STD - 6-7-8 1 to 15

STD - 6-7-8 16 to 30

STD - 1-2

October Samay Patrak PDF

STD - 3-4-5 

STD - 6-7-8 1 to 15

STD - 6-7-8 16 to 30

STD - 1-2

December Samay Patrak PDF

STD - 3-4-5 

STD - 6-7-8

STD - 1 to 2

November Samay Patrak PDF

STD 1 to 8

January Samay Patrak PDF

STD 1 to 8

February Samay Patrak PDF

STD - 3-4-5 

STD - 6-7-8

STD - 1 to 8

The resolution of the education department made for mass promotion for Std. 1 to 8 in primary states that it is allowed to take children ahead of mass promotion till 2020-21.  This will continue in the future as Home Learning 2021-22 well and in addition to this the students will be evaluated as per the need from time to time as part of the continuous assessment as well as the remedial work.  But no student will have to fail based on the results of this assessment.  Detailed Home Learning 2021-22 instructions in this regard will be issued by GCERT.  A separate formal resolution Home Learning 2021-22 of the education department has also been made for mass promotion in Std. 9 and 11.  However, there is no instruction to continue home learning.

Home Learning Patrak 3-4-5 Oct

Home Learning Patrak 6-7-8 Oct

Home Learning Patrak 3-4-5 Sep

Home Learning Patrak 6-7-8 Sep

Home Learning Patrak 3-4-5 August

Home Learning Patrak 6-7-8 August

Home Learning Patrak 3-4-5 July

Home Learning Patrak 6-7-8 July

Home Learning Patrak 1

Home Learning Patrak 2

Home Learning Patrak 3

Home Learning All Patrak Excel

Home Learning All Patrak Excel August

Hello friends, here Home Learning 2021-22 you can watch a very useful educational video prepared by the Department of Education for the month of February for Std.  As per the date, you will get the details of Std. 8 Home Learning here. Videos of all the Std. 3 Home Learning subjects for the month of February will be placed here.  Hello friends, Home Learning 2021-22 you can watch the educational Home Learning 2021-22 video according to the timetable of the education department here. Home Learning 2021-22  For this, make a special study of the timetable.  You can also download this time table.  If you haven't seen the unknown video, you can watch it too.  You will find here every educational video as per the time table.

Sheri Sixan Aayojan June Click Here

Sheri Sixan Aayojan July Click Here

Sheri Sixan Aayojan Aug Click Here

Sheri Sixan Aayojan Sep Click Here

Sheri Sixan Aayojan Oct Click Here

Home Learning 2021-22 As schools have stopped online education from today following the government's order not to Home Learning 2021-22 charge fees, the state government today announced on the issue that students of Std. 1 to 12 in private schools in the state will not be deprived of education.  .  The Education Minister announced today that the government will provide free education to Std. 1 to 12 children.  Home learning will be done in both English and Gujarati mediums.  In this regard, discussions were held with GCERT and Gujarat Board of Education and instructions were given to make preparations.  Study work is going on in Std. 9th to 12th from the programs Home Learning 2021-22 broadcast by Vaseg on Vande Gujarat channel and DD Girnar channel.

Daily Home Learning You Tube Videos

Home Learning Std 3

Home Learning Std 4

Home Learning Std 5

Home Learning Std 6

Home Learning Std 7

Home Learning Std 8

Apart from this, for English medium students in Std. 9 to 12, programs of both mediums for Std. 1 to 12 will be broadcast on Vande Gujarat Channel No. 1 to 16. Home Learning 2021-22  These programs will run seven days a week and 24 hours a day.  Selain Home Learning 2021-22 If in addition to this, educational programs broadcasted by Vande Gujarat channels can be watched from the Geo TV application on mobile phones with Geo SIM card.  In addition, virtual classroom lectures in Std. 9 to 12 are also being given from GCERT's YouTube channel.  Which students can view at any time. Home Learning 2021-22  The program of TV channels was also spent in free education

The government has Home Learning 2021-22 also announced to provide online education to the students of all the private schools in the state but already the TV channels are running home learning through YouTube and in which all the children of private schools under Gujarat Board can do home learning.  At that time no separate programs are prepared or to be prepared for the children of government and private schools. Besides, Home Learning 2021-22 the government has also spent the programs broadcast on government channels in free online education.

In order to get daily online  Home Learning 2021-22 education, the issue of fees as well as teachers' salaries has to be considered. Home Learning 2021-22  Most of the schools remained closed, online education did not take place. After the government decided not to charge fees, the Home Learning 2021-22 schools have stopped online education from today and at the same time all the Home Learning 2021-22 administrative work has also been stopped by closing the schools.  Most schools today discontinued online education.  However some schools continued to teach online.

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1. ખરજવું થવા માટે જવાબદાર સૂક્ષ્મજીવ નું નામ આપો

ANSWER= (B) ફૂગ


2. બેકટેરિયા થી થતો રોગ કયો છે ?

ANSWER= (D) ક્ષય


3. કોલેરા થવા માટે જવાબદાર કોણ છે ?

ANSWER= (A) બેક્ટેરિયા


4. પોલીયો શેનાથી થાય છે ?

ANSWER= (A) વાઈરસ


5. દુનિયા માંથી લગભગ નાબુદ થયેલો રોગ કયો છે ?

ANSWER= (D) શીતળા


6. બી.સી.જી.રસી કોની સામે રક્ષણ આપે છે ?

ANSWER= (D) ક્ષય


7. શીતળા ની રસી ના શોધક કોણ હતા ?

ANSWER= (D) એડવર્ડ જેનર


8. મેલેરિયા થવા માટે જવાબદાર સૂક્ષ્મજીવ કયો છે ?

ANSWER= (B) પ્રજીવ


9. મચ્છર દ્વારા કયો રોગ થાય છે ?

ANSWER= (A) મેલેરિયા


10. કયા પ્રકારનો સુક્ષમજીવ સ્વયંપોષી છે ?

ANSWER= (C) લીલ

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Thursday, January 27, 2022



Sardar Patel started his early studies mainly from Swadhyaya.  At a school in Nadiad, Gujarat, children were terrified of one of their teachers.  One day a standard 6 child was reprimanded by the teacher and kicked out of the class.  Because he didn't bring the penalty for coming late.  Sardar Patel came forward in support of the child and as soon as he left the tier class, he encouraged the children to unite and fight against the teacher.  The whole class boycotted the teacher, finally the teacher had to apologize to everyone.  Born into a farming family, Patel is also remembered for his diplomatic abilities.  Patel's political and diplomatic ability is credited with uniting independent India.  It took Sardar Patel a long time to complete his schooling after passing the 10th examination in 22 years.  He passed 10 standard exams at the age of 22.

Now when it comes to dressup, keep it in line with the plan. Quiz This will make the viewer feel connected to you just by looking at you before they hear you and listen to you Quiz carefully.  Its possibilities will increase.  

The main thing is that whatever you are saying, first accept it, Quiz believe it, experience it, only then tell it to others.  Quiz Only then will your speech be effective.  

Even if the speech is short but purposeful, the facts related to Republic Day Quiz or whatever is related to it will remain the same but your speaking style should be enthusiastic.

Farmers Quiz are encouraged Farmers are a major contributor to the country's progress, so we should respect farmers.  The Central and State Governments run various schemes for farmers.  The purpose of this special day is to Quiz appreciate the contribution of farmers.  Many programs ranging Quiz from farmer awareness are taking place in the country on this occasion.

  Let us know when Farmers' Day is celebrated in other countries of the world.  Trying to empower farmers with the latest education Another purpose behind celebrating this day is to give the idea of   empowering the farmers of the society with the latest learning in the field of agriculture.  The celebration of Farmers' Day serves to educate the people about the various problems facing the farmers.  Life is hard without a farmer Quiz Needless to say we cannot live without food and we get most of our food from grains, pulses and fruits and Quiz vegetables grown by farmers.  Our stomachs are filled with what the farmers produce by working hard in the fields.  Without farmers, we cannot exist.  Farmer's Day is celebrated on different dates in different Quiz countries,

10. If you are a school-college student, wear the same dresscode as given from there. If any other place is planned, it is Quiz better to wear kurta pajamas for boys, Nehru jacket and salwar-kameez, kurti or sari for girls this year.  .  Looking for the Perfect Partner?  In Gujarati Matrimony - Register for Free Samosa Wedding Question Hair Ma Care Mush

And let me tell you how you can prepare your speech.  1. First of all remember what is the purpose of your spy.  At the very beginning of the speech, the morale of the audience has to be increased and the program has to start with a good enthusiasm.  2. Your speech should be uplifting and create a good atmosphere for the next event and not one that will cool down the atmosphere of the event.  .  Be mindful of the deadlines set on your stage during your speech.  Don't let the number of other speakers be late and the atmosphere of the program is bad due to your long speech.  4. Keep track of how many people are present after you, how long the program has to end.  Speaking and preparing speech keeping all these things in mind.  5. Longer speech requires that your speech be effective and that when you set the stage, people want to hear you more and not get bored.  Ronance is not objectionable. Like Maggie why horrible

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Monday, January 24, 2022


 Parents of children, elders of the area, role models of the village, educators with village motivators and hardworking personalities.  (4) Discussion of activities in schools: In the second session of parents' conference, in all SMCs, Ashram schools in KGBV will have to celebrate the program "Daughter's salute to the country name" program on the occasion of 26th January - 206th Republic Day.  Under this program, as many daughters as have been born in the village this year and their parents will have to be invited by giving an invitation card.  In addition to this the daughter who is most educated in the village and currently living in the village and her parents are called by the school management committee of the village at the school level on the day of January 206 to honor them and give them a memento as well as the most educated daughter of the village.  Make the daughter the chief guest and salute the flag with her. In which CWSN if the daughter is in the village, give her first choice.  (2) Discussion of School Facilitation Grant: Compensation cost of parents convention and program on 5th January-208 is Rs. 500. Out of which Rs.  So all government primary schools, ashram schools and KGBV will have to spend Rs.500 / - per school.  The cost



parent convention has been completed and the second parent convention is scheduled for January 4.  According to the parents' convention, they are asked to celebrate the program "Daughter's salute to the name of the country". The following issues should be discussed.  > Education in school WSDP (Whole School Development Plan) consideration and reflection.  > Discussion on school hygiene, clean toilets as well as clean water.  > Children's admission regularity quality of education.  > Admission of out-of-school children in the age group of 8 to 12 years.  > 4th year special training program planning matter.









Did.  Prior to this program, for the first time, like every year, on 5th January, 2073, on the occasion of 'Republic Day', the program "Daughter's Salam Ta Deshne Naam" was celebrated.  In which this year also the daughters born in the village were invited by giving an invitation card and the daughter who is most educated in the village and her parents were honored by giving a memento and a flag salute was given to her.  The flag was hoisted on the school grounds and the national anthem was sung.  = Parents' convention was planned after school programs








Friendly Mr. 5. enviare Risi Except Jya Bharat Saaf ---- It is to be noted that on the occasion of the 2nd Republic Day celebrations, a program is held on Wednesday to celebrate the two Republic Days. Our school family is cordially invited to attend. Note - In accordance with the guideline of Rarkargili Code-12, all those present should strictly adhere to the deadline, social dirency. Venue Date - 4/01/207 on Wednesday Hours Time - Morning Rs. Principal and School Family Tawa School Management Committee

Just as there is diversity in languages here, so there is diversity in festivals. Some religious festivals, some cultural festivals and some national festivals. Today we celebrate this festival as a national holiday. January 5 is Republic Day, the day the national flag is hoisted at the Red Fort. H Support Legacy Apps w / Chrome

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Thursday, January 20, 2022



Scholarship Amount and Payment Rules: After the examination, the students who come in merit in the district-wise fixed quota will get Rs.  Scholarship will be available to eligible students for four years as per 15000 / -.  Scholarship payments are made by the eligible students as per the guidelines of MHRD.  D), will be credited directly to the bank account of the beneficiary students by New Delhi.  .. Examinations are conducted only by the State Examination Board.  The State Examination Board will not be responsible for the scholarship.  Eligibility of students: Students who are studying in Government Primary Schools, Local Body Schools, District Panchayat, Municipal Corporation / Nagarpalika Schools) and Granted Primary Schools in Std.  Students who have been promoted in Std-9 due to the condition of COVID.19 as per the provision mentioned in issue no. 6 of letter dated 7/12/2071 of Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD), New Delhi, Government of India.  They will be able to take part in NMMS Exam-2021 without considering the minimum marks in special case.  Reading Vidyalaya Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya

Fee Acceptance Center: Online Payment Gateway will also be able to pay the examination fee through “ATM CARD / NET BANKING”.  Click on “Print Application / Challan” to fill the online fee and fill in the details. Then click on “Online Payment”.  Then select the appropriate option from the options of Net Banking of fee or Other Payment Mode in the given options and fill in the following details.  After depositing the fee, you will be written on the screen that your fee has been credited and you will get an e-receipt to print.  If there is any defect in the process, it will be seen on screen that your fee has not been paid.  If the e-receipt is not generated within 24 hours after deducting the fee amount from his bank account, the online fee payer will have to contact the State Examination Board by e-mail immediately.  Question Paper Template and Marks: Type of Test (1) MAT Intellectual Aptitude Test.  R Questions 20 marks co time 30 minutes



NMMS BOOK Click Here

Syllabus: 20 questions of MAT Intellectual Aptitude Test will be of literal and non-verbal logical calculation.  These questions will include Analogy, Classification, Numerical Series, Pattern Perception, Hidden Figure etc.  The 30 questions of SAT Educational Aptitude Test will include Std-9 and Std-8 Mathematics, Science and Social Science subjects.  The curriculum for the last academic year will be for Std.  0 will be the syllabus of the first semester of the current academic year for Std.  .  Qualifying marks: General and OBC.  Students of the category will have to get a total of 90% marks in both the sections and SC.  And ST.  Students of the category will have to get a total of 5% marks in both the sections. Out of the students who get qualifying marks, only the students who come in merit as per the quota determined by district-wise will be eligible for scholarship.  Ph.D.  Category Classification Ph.D.  The category will be categorized into different subcategories as shown below.  a) Blindness and Low Vision (BLV)

NMMS PAPER 2011 Click Here

NMMS PAPER 2012 Click Here

NMMS PAPER 2013 Click Here

NMMS PAPER 2014 Click Here

Test Structure: The medium of examination will be English as well as Gujarati.  The question paper of the medium whichever medium the student chooses will be given.  e) Multiple disabilities from amongst persons under clauses (a) to (d) including deaf - blindness in the posts identified for each disabilities (MD).  This test will be of multiple choice format and Multiple Choice Question - MCQ Based.  Each question will have a mark.  There will be no negative evaluation in the evaluation of these tests.  Blind students will be given an extra 20 minutes.  * How to apply online: Online application will be accepted by the State Examination Board in respect of this advertisement.  Application form can be filled on  from  (till 11.5 pm).  The following steps have to be followed to apply.  2129000NG CHE NOT TAKE HAJI JARAJ MARA.

NMMS PAPER 2015 Click Here

NMMS PAPER 2016 Click Here

NMMS PAPER 2017 Click Here

NMMS PAPER 2018 Click Here

NMMS PAPER 2019 Click Here

NMMS PAPER 2021 Click Here

Click on Apply Now in front of "National means cum merit Scholarship Scheme" - (STD - 8). Clicking on Apply Now will show the Application Format.  You have to fill in the school DISE number for school details. Now clicking on save will save your data. Here Application Number will be generated, which will be saved.  And it is mandatory to upload a copy of income proof as well as certificate. It has to be filled in. First go to. Click on "Apply online". Now click on Upload photo- Signature at the top of the page. Here is your application.  Type the number and type your Birth Date. Then click on Submit. Here photo and signature are to be uploaded.


Upload To upload a photo and signature, first of all your photo and signature must be in JPG format (15 Kb) size in the computer in such a way that it does not exceed.  Click on Browse Button.  Now, from the Choose File screen, select the file in which your photo is stored in JPG format.  And click on Open Button, now click on upload button next to Browse Button, now your photo will appear next to it.  Now you have to upload the signature in the same way.  Now click on Confirm Application.  Type your Application Number here and type your Birth Date.  Then click on Submit.  If you want to modify the application here, click on the Data Application to correct it.  Any modification can be made in the application before the application is confirmed, but no amendment can be made in the application after the application is confirmed.  Click Confirm only if you do not feel the need to modify the application.  By clicking on confirm, Ajino will be accepted online and only after that it will be considered valid.  * Now click on print Application & Fee Challan.  Type your Confirmation Number here and type your Birth Date.  Then click on Submit.  Print your application form from here.  .  You will then be able to pay the examination fee through ATM CARD / NET BANKING through online payment gateway.  * Required Aadhaar / Certificates: The following Aadhaar certificates should be attached with the print of Govalan Bhal Passport.

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