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Thursday, December 2, 2021

School Activity


1. Celebration of National Festivals: National Festivals are celebrated for the purpose of children being the future citizens of the country and knowing and understanding the history of the country.  2. Balsabha: In the holistic development of children, their expression, talent is very important.  Balsabha is an activity that presents children's expressions.  .  Travel Payton: Travel payton takes place in the school for the purpose of imparting knowledge to the children by directly visiting natural, historical, religious places.  4. Forest meals: Children are taken out of school for forest meals so that they can dine in groups while living in the midst of nature.  5. Parents 'Meeting: Parents' Meetings are held at regular intervals to inform the parents about the achievements and activities of the children as well as the necessary suggestions.  7. COMPETITIONS: Activities like sports, calligraphy, essay writing, rangoli, costumes etc. are held monthly to make the children interested in cheating activities along with studies.  8. Cultural programs: In order to awaken the dormant powers of children, cultural programs like dance, drama, ras, garba are held in the school on 9th January.

9. Celebration of religious festivals: To satisfy the religious sentiments of the children, religious festivals like Navratri, Rakshabandhan are also celebrated in the school.  10. Tree Planting: Tree planting is done by the teachers as well as the children in the school with the objective of 'Save the Environment'.  11. Health check-up: Primary check-up of children's health is done from time to time by the class teacher.  12. Village cleaning: In addition to the school environment, village cleaning is done by the children in groups to make the village clean and tidy as well as to make the villagers aware about cleanliness.  13. Special Day Celebrations: Special days are celebrated in the school like school foundation day.  • 14. Bulletin Board Activity: Children's Bulletin Board displays the best children's work such as drawing, calligraphy and paper-cuttings collected by children.  15. Ramhat: 'Ramhat' is run for the purpose of providing necessary study materials to the children from school and also to develop the value of honesty in them.  16. Mathematics - Science Mandal: In a subject like science, activities like science question box, science experiments, maths - science quiz are done to satisfy the child's curiosity.  a GE - 1 42 Question Pt

Education:, Secondary education and schools How to run extra-curricular activities in the school School education is constantly modernized trying to meet the new needs of the society.  One of the important problems for a teacher is the involvement of children in subsequent activities.  This allows them to increase their motivation to learn in general.  The study style in school is intended to solve various tasks.  Which includes qualitative improvement of the main learning process.

In addition, this activity has a high educational value.  This work is done with school children of all ages.  Starting with first graders and ending with future graduates.  It is an excellent inspiration for learning.  The continuity between lesson activities and extracurricular activities gives children a good opportunity to apply the acquired skills and competencies in practice.  Extracurricular activities in the school should be an integral part of the educational process.  This is an excellent form of student activities.  An important goal of the work is to develop the motivation of understanding and creativity for the students.  Students show curiosity and responsibility.  The children's team is improving relationships, as well as there are many options for organizing this type of activity with teachers, such as extracurricular work in school.

Additional extracurricular work group in elementary school, as well as middle school, helps to identify creative abilities, children's preferences.  Mugs and sports sections are the most popular.  The classes held here can be completely different: discussions, craft making, learning songs, etc.  Sports departments, among other things, contribute to the education of children in the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.  Usually at the end of the year, reporting activities are carried out, on which children provide crafts, display concert numbers, etc.  Value or extra work is invaluable.  Elementary school is very easy to inspire children in this type of activity.  Bright and colorful, there are community events for specific holidays.  The work of this work is an excellent tool for activating students and involving them in the life of the educational institution.  Additional extracurricular activities should be properly planned in the school.  It is important for all participants to understand its importance in the learning process - from the administration to the students themselves.

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