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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Pravutti Ane Prayog Yadi

 To know the methods of feeding and ingestion of fungi present on stale bread.  Knows the different types of teeth, their function and their number.  Check if saliva converts starchy substances into sugars.  Recognize different tastes on the tongue and know their location.  Check the softness of the hair on different parts of the body.  Know about the animals used as wool and their location.  Identify different types of silk fabrics and compare them with synthetic silk.  Burning silk, synthetic silk and wool to study their smell.  Knowing the life cycle stages of silkworms.  It is not possible to know the temperature of any object by touching it.  Measure body temperature using a doctor's thermometer Measure atmosphere and water temperature using a laboratory thermometer.  Checking the heat transfer in metal.  To verify that heat is dissipated by heating in water.  Check that air is heated by heating. Check that heat is absorbed more on a black surface than on white.  Check that Uma loses faster on a black surface than a scaly color.

To check.  Check that the black color loses heat faster than the white color.  Check whether the solution is acidic or basic using litmus paper.  Making turmeric leaves and using it to check whether the solution is acidic or basic.  Making an indicator of Jasud's flower and using it to check whether the solution is acidic or basic.  Understand the process of neutralization between acids and bases.  Demonstrate that a physical change is a reversible change by proving that it is a physical change to cut the paper into pieces.  The change in the state of matter is reversible and is a physical change.  The change in color caused by heating the metal is a physical change.  To show that there is a burning chemical change in the magnesium strip.  Investigate the chemical change caused by putting an iron nail in a solution of copper sulphate.  To obtain crystals of copper sulphate.  Taking note of one week's weather statistics.  Prove that air pushes.  Explain that increasing wind speed decreases air pressure.  Warm air increases its size and cooling decreases its size.

New Curriculum Based Activity Gister Paran-2 Activity Name Date Farming Methods - Kharif Crop and Sun Crop Chart Makes and knows various farming implements.  Activation of healthy seed separation from damaged seed germination of mug and chickpea seed germination study. Exploration of prankur with natural and artificial fertilizer.  Activity Activation of making yoghurt from milk. Activation of yeast powder in lamb.  Showing video on vaccine.  The activity of growing plants in two litters is to create a nitrogen cycle.  A way to differentiate the type of fiber based on different objects.  Prepare a sketchbook by taking a sample of cloth for identification of polymer cognition fibers by chain by connecting beads and U-pins.  Activity of Clamped Iron Stand for Strengthening of Fibers Activation of Soaking Fabric for Water Absorbing Properties List of Various Plastic Samples Remarks

Pravutti Rajistar STD 6

Pravutti Rajistar STD 7

Pravutti Rajistar STD 8

List of various plastic samples for soaking and drying cloth for water absorbing properties for strength of juices.  Understand the types of plastics based on plastic samples.  Complete the chart by demonstrating a sample of the appearance and hardness of various objects.  Activity for physical properties of metals and metals Use of electric testers in electrical circuits to check the conductivity of metals Experiments for the nature of corrosion Experiment of spherical dust combustion Processing of sulfur solution with litmus sheet Processing of acids and basements  Classification into natural and man-made.  Chart of petroleum components and uses Magnesium combustion activity Classification of various substances into combustible and non-combustible substances Dun Praredta GM

Date HIT Activity Name Make a list of the foods we eat during the day.  Knowing the food in the food.  To know the source of foodstuffs and ingredients in food.  To know from which part of the plant the plant food is obtained.  To prepare sprouted mugs.  Gathering information about animal food.  To classify animals based on their diet.  Gathering information about the food items taken in the meals of people from different states.  Checking the presence of star in deficit substance.  Checking the presence of protein in food.  Checking the presence of fat in food.  Checking for water in food.  Getting acquainted with different fabrics.  Understand that fabrics are made from fibers.  Check that each strand of fabric is made up of fibers.  Making fibers from fibers of Rs.  Understand the process of weaving using paper strips.  Understand that one thing can be made of different materials.  Understand that one thing can be a different thing.  Check whether the thing is shiny or not.  Check whether a given solid is soluble in water.  Check whether the given liquid is mixed with water.  4125915 ama ofr remarks

Prayog Yadi STD 6

Prayog Yadi STD 7

Prayog Yadi STD 8

To understand the process of weaving using strips of paper, to understand that one thing can be made of different materials, to understand that one thing can be made of different things.  To check whether a given substance is soluble in water or not. To check whether a given liquid is mixed in water.  Examine hard and soft objects.  Check that the thing is floating in water.  Understand the method of segregation and its use.  Understand hand day weave method.  Understanding the method of weeding removes impurities by sifting flour.  Obtaining clean water by removing impurities from drainage process.  To get clean water by removing impurities from filthy water by filtration process.  And the ingredients of the salt mixture were made by Santa to separate the salt.  A

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