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Saturday, December 4, 2021



Essay is a form of writing.  But
the term is also used for logical and intellectual essays, the context, composition and proposition are also mentioned as synonyms of the essay.  But the most prevalent word of literary criticism is essay.  This is known as composition or essay in English.  According to Acharya Hazariprasad Dwivedi, there is also essay literature in Sanskrit.  The principles of Dharmashastra were logically explained in those essays of ancient Sanskrit literature.  He did not have any personality traits.  But contemporary essays are the opposite of Sanskrit essays.  The quality of personality or individuality is paramount in them.  Join telegram

Pass Kai did not have the personality traits.  But the Nibwa of Pankala is opposite to the Nibha of Sanskrit.  The quality of personality or individuality is paramount in them.  Gujarati essay writing (gujarati nibandh) is what essay writing is a form of prose writing in which the writer presents his ideas to the readers in an orderly and systematic way.  The word essay is made up of two words - ni + bandh.  Which means a well-constructed structure.  Meaning a composition that is written thoughtfully, in an orderly manner.  Types of Gujarati Essay (1) Descriptive Essay: (gujarati nibandh): This type of essay includes description of place, festival, natural scene, tourist place, travel, fair, occasions etc.  (2) Descriptive essay

Things to keep in mind for the best Gujarati essay writing: 1. Harmony is the mainstay of essay writing.  Essays should be written on a given topic in a systematic and orderly manner.  2. It is very important to make an introduction before writing any essay.  .  The essay should be subdivided into separate sub-headings. If a subject cannot be subtitled, then the preface, middle and conclusion must be divided into three parts.  4. The beginning of the essay should be attractive and sharp.  In the middle of the essay, describe the core of the topic accurately, informatively and in an interesting way.  The end of the essay should be poignant, formulaic and questionable.  5. The language and style of the essay should be simple, humorous, accurate, original and meaningful as well as fluid.  6. The limitations of words should also be taken into consideration in essay writing. Sometimes we get so engrossed in describing our thoughts that if we forget the word limit then sometimes essay writing is done in fewer words.  Completely covering the subject in the prescribed words is the mark of best essay writing.

7.  Repetition of ideas should be avoided and your ideas should be presented logically.  8. After writing the essay, read it once and if it seems appropriate to correct it, do it quickly.  Take special care not to make spelling mistakes.  Spelling also plays an important role in Gujarati essay writing.  9. The language of the essay should be grammatically pure.  It should also use proper punctuation, spelling, margins, punctuation and legible characters.  10. If you remember any good idea, statement of a great person, verse, etc. corresponding to the subject of the essay, you must cover it in writing.  11. Hard, artificial and figurative language should be avoided.  12. If a topic comes to mind later while writing an essay, weave it in such a way before concluding that it will overlap with the original text.  13. If an issue is already given in an essay, weave each issue properly.  Special care should be taken not to over write on any issue and not to miss any issue.

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